Our Fees

Price Structure updated 30 July 2019


Types of Applications/Claims (Excluding Advocacy)- costs are based on the complexity of the matter. Below is a guideline of our fee structure.


Level 1 Applications


Costs are in the range of £50- £300.


  • Detailed Consultations- Standard- £90 Complex- £150

  • Replacement Residence Permits (BRP, NTL)- £250

  • TOC Applications- 250

  • Travel Documents- £150-250

  • Letter to employer confirming immigration status- £50

  • Application Checking Service- £300

Level 2 Applications

Costs are in the range of £200- £750.

  • EU Settlement and Pre-Settlement Scheme- Standard-£250 Non-EU family members-£300 Complex- £450  excluding Surinder Singh

  • Visit Visa- Standard- £400.00 complex -£580

  • Registration / British Citizenship- Standard -£500 Complex- £750

  • Family Reunion- Standard- £350.00 Complex-£600

  • Settlement for refugees- £350.00

  • One Stop Notices under S120- Standard- £200 Complex- 450

  • Completing and forwarding an application for Administrative Review- £300

Level 3 Applications

Costs are in the range of £700- £950

  • Student Visas- Standard- £700 Complex- £950

  • Dependent Child Visas- Standard- £700 Complex- £850

  • Spouse Visa (including partner, civil or unmarried partners)- Standard £700 Complex- £900

  • Leave to Remain applications as a spouse, parent or other dependent relative- Standard-£600 Complex- £800

  • Long residence in the UK-Standard- £700 Complex- £950

  • Further Leave to Remain- Standard- £600 Complex- £850

  • Indefinite leave to Remain (Settlement) - £600

  • Appeal- Lodging an appeal against a refused decision- from £400

  • Drafting grounds of appeal- £500


Level 4 Applications


Costs are in the range of £800- £1200.


  • Adult Dependent Relatives- Standard- £700 Complex- £950

  • Points Based System (PBS) applications- Standard- £700 Complex- from £850

  • PBS dependants applying alone- £800

  • PBS applying with main applicant- standard- £250 Complex- £450

  • Immigration Bail- From £700 (enquire about legal aid)

  • Human Rights applications- Standard- £800 Complex- £1200

  • Asylum – £750 (enquire about legal aid)

We have a Legal Aid Contract. Check if you are eligible for Legal Aid-https://checklegalaid.service.gov.uk



Level 5 Applications


Costs are in the range of £400- £2500 assessed case-to-case basis and complexity


  • Deportation

  • Judicial Review up to permission stage on that papers (excluding Counsel’s fees)



Level 6 Applications

Tribunal Appeals – £1200 - £1700.00

If your application for asylum is refused you usually have the right to appeal. This will give you the chance to provide new evidence to an impartial judge who will consider both sides before reaching a judgement. Appeals to the Tribunal must be lodged within 14 days. Our immigration solicitors are experienced in acting quickly in these cases and can ensure you have the opportunity to appeal your immigration decision if you have grounds to do so.

Legal aid funding may also be available for you to be represented at your appeal hearing. Please contact us for further information.

Disbursements: All disbursements are payable separately in addition to the fees for our services. Examples of disbursements include home office/visa application fees, court application fees, postage, interpreting/translation services, medical reports fees, and expert report fees, . This is not an exhaustive list and is meant purely as a guide.