All Legal Solicitors are committed in providing a caring and committed service to all its clients including both private and legal aid. 

All Legal Solicitors have been awarded the Legal Aid contract from the Legal Aid Agency to carry out immigration work which includes asylum. All our solicitors are highly experienced and are fully accredited by the Law Society.

We currently assist clients from Peterborough, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham and surrounding areas. 

We can assist in the following areas:

  • Asylum New Claims

  • Asylum Appeals

  • Humanitarian Protection and Human Rights Claims

  • Fresh Claim/further submissions

  • Judicial Review

  • Travel documents

  • Family Reunion

  • Removals

  • Deportation

  • Court Representation

  • Applications to the Upper Tier Tribunal

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If you are interested in applying for Legal Aid please note the following:

  • You will be means and merit tested. This means you will be assessed to ascertain whether you qualify for legal aid.

  • You must either be in receipt of NASS support or on a low income (this includes being supported by family or friends)

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